Upcoming version and changes

Happy New Year Hi everyone, I been testing the new version and It seems there are some bugs in the V0.7.2. Enemy missiles can’t be blocked Some collision detection bugs with some of the rocks Some rocks are missing GameObject Those will be fixed in V0.7.3. Right now I am working on some new game […]

New Build 0.7.2

The Final Mission New Build Info: In this new build we have made the following changes: 1.Added shaders to the background 2.Added mines and heal pick up orb 3. Fixed some known bugs 4.Made the level more fun to play 5.Added self-illumination to enemy ships 6.Rebalanced the enemy 7.Finished the enemy regrouping task 8.Changed the […]

A little background story for the game

Background story   Countries as we know them no longer exist. People in space don’t rule over land but over resources. Ships and stations move, at varying speeds, from planet to planet, gathering what they can in order to survive and trade. In a way, though it’s far in the future, it’s very primitive. The […]

Demo Version 0.7 is up

The Final Mission V0.7 is up for download Good news guys!Demo The new 0.7 Demo version of our game is up for everyone to download at here or you can find it under Demo. This version is only for PC. We will add the mac version soon. We still need to work more on the optimization before […]

Learning from Naval Tactics

Space Battle Tactics When we were thinking and designing this game it quickly became clear to us that the player and enemy will fight a war that is unknown to us. The closest experience we have to this the naval battle in our own history. Simply put in any warfare the idea is to take […]