Game plan

Crew member of IHV Vye

Our Game Design

Hi guys today I want to write a little about what our plan for this game was.

When we first designed this game we wanted to have a progressing story based on the missions and the player will need to fight it’s way though all the enemies and save all human kind.

I know this looks like any other space shooter game out there, but we wanted to really explore the different crew and playable character interaction within this game.

When we were thinking of this game we didn’t want to have a flat crew, what I mean by that is we want each of the crew member be unique and have his/her own background history and story.

Then  we want to drop them into this environment and see how they react to all the different events. I think in this area game story telling is more or less like movie and paperback story telling.

Side Mission

Because we wanted to make sure each of the key crew member feels alive and have their own reactions within the game so we also designed side missions based on each of the NPC.

This would mean sometimes different NPC will have issues with each other.

Side missions will let player understand the NPC and the captain better. Player will understand their action and reaction to different events and thus making the game feel more real.

The whole idea of the side missions is to add onto the main missions and story line.

Oil and Water

I think it is time for me to explain my idea when making this space shooter game. I wanted to make a fun simple game and then enrich it with story, mission, character, ship design, weapon design, game lore and all the other wonderful things and mix it into one big game. In a way it is like oil, you add it to make a bigger fire.

On the other hand the game could have gone another way, keeping everything as simple but unique as possible. Finding what really drive people to play this game and dig deep into that. I’m sure that will also be a good game but it was not our aim this time.


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