Learning from Naval Tactics

Main turret

Space Battle Tactics

When we were thinking and designing this game it quickly became clear to us that the player and enemy will fight a war that is unknown to us. The closest experience we have to this the naval battle in our own history.

Simply put in any warfare the idea is to take out the enemy before it takes you out.


The idea of battlespace is a zone around a naval force within which a commander is confident of detecting, tracking, engaging and destroying threats before they pose a danger.

Which means staying in the shadow while killing the enemy. Thus the goal of any weapon used in the battle is to end the fight quickly and go back to the shadows. Or to a fire a weapon thats over such a long distance and so hard to detect until it’s too late.


So the first type of weapon we designed are the Main turrets.

Main turret designed for long range

Those weapon deals huge amount of damage over a long range, but it have a slow rate of fire. This is a weapon designed to destroy the enemy before they know you are there. The ammo for those weapons are cheaper then the missiles.

Missile luncher

The next we have is the a fire and forget weapon system. This is designed as a mid to long range weapon that could destroy the enemy as long as its target is set. The downside of this weapon is that the cost per missile is much higher for each salvo of shells used by the main turrets.

Short range defense turrets

The short range defense turrets jobs is to take out incoming close range enemies and large enemy projectiles. It acts as a last line of defense when the player ship is in danger.

Plasma turrets

This type of turrets are used as an area denial weapon. It can fire a large volume of slow traveling plasma pellets that clears anything in its pass. great on mines and incoming enemy ships.

Each type of the player turrets are designed to stop the enemy before it becomes a danger to the player.

In the next blog I will write the enemy tactics and their way of fighting.

Thanks for reading.



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