From the point of an organism


I think a lot of times we are so used to understand the world though our own point of view. What I mean by that is we use our five senses to set our understanding of everything. But how would an alien organism see it?

When we created our enemy we want it to something elses. I mean no one said that organism can’t live in space or they need the five senses we use. What if they are parasitic life form that have different shape and different class but act as one unit? Their target will be the ships that human use.

Since they live in space that would mean they could float in space and there is no need for arms and legs, or at least our understanding of arms and legs.

They will need to store resources in hives just like a bee, and this also mean different organism will have different jobs.

When we designed this we thought maybe some of the parasitic life form may lay eggs on to metal debris and their young will eat up the metal. This way their outer shells are made of those metals.

So our enemy ship will have those parasitic life form that will grow on them. This will be added in the later version of the game.

I hope you guys find this read interesting.


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