A little background story for the game

Background story


Countries as we know them no longer exist. People in space don’t rule over land but over resources. Ships and stations move, at varying speeds, from planet to planet, gathering what they can in order to survive and trade. In a way, though it’s far in the future, it’s very primitive.

The commanders of several of the largest space stations, as the largest ones were originally military bases, came together to form the International Hub, a huge structure formed of nearly a dozen space stations sealed together. It became home to over half a million people, all living and working on the station. The IH wasn’t only a structure, but an organization founded and run by scientists and explorers. As such, they are always at the cutting edge of technology. When they developed Vye, a new type of ship, few were willing to test it. A blend of explorer, resourcer, and battleship, Vye was criticized heavily. “Trying to do too much and failing at it all” was the most common comment. However, Captain Arvad Daric, a reserved but experienced man, stepped up, offering to pilot Vye on her first mission so long as he was allowed to handpick his crew.

He did so, many of the picks being surprises to his commanding officers, and set off for the IHS Vye’s maiden voyage.


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