Science, Magick, and everything else

So i’m in the middle of the Chinese new year holiday and I just had a few ideas on the game and on the game theory.

Sci-fi Technology

Science is the new black magick someone once said. So In a way when we create sci-fi games the technology used is like magick to us. I use the word magick here to differ from magic tricks we now see on TV.

In fact many technology we use today came from magick ideas. What I mean is that lots of technology we take for granted now days, 300 years ago would be seen as pure black magic. For example cell phone, where you can call anyone you know even if he is on the other side of the plant. All you have to do is press a small metal box.

So when trying to create future technology all we have to do is to look at tales from the past. Then give a future looking visual and concept to go with it and it is done.

This means any technology could be created if we need it. The hard part is the logic behind the system. As in why would this technology work? What’s the base of human understanding? Dose this technology run on pure idea? How much of it could we explain it using our current physics, math, biology, and chemistry? How much is outside of that?

In lots of games there are a lot of backstory that are not there, because there is no base for it to grow on.

One thought on “Science, Magick, and everything else

  1. Hi Final Mission,
    I love sci-fi. It’s my favorite genre of literature. I love tech, and I teach about China!
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That’s what I blog about. I also host blog parties like Danny Ray. I met you through his site..


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