Development update 1.6.2017

Changes and fixs Since our last build this month we work mainly on fixing bugs. -We fixed the enemy grouping A.I. -Changed the weapon firing and player movement speed. -Changed the game background a bit -Optimization on the game scene -Rebalanced the enemy and player stats -Updated all the game assets with newer version -Fixed the turrets […]

Who do you play as?

Introducing the Captain The Basic Name (& pronunciation): Arvad Daric (Are-vahd Dar-ick) Date of Birth (& age): 27 Place of Birth: On board the International Hub Gender: Male Species/Racial Origin: Human Social Class/Community Status: Respected Captain of the IHS Vye Language: Common Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Mother, Joliet Daric, Deep Space Pilot, MIA. Father, Otto Daric, Scientist, MIA. […]

Game plan

Crew member of IHV Vye Our Game Design Hi guys today I want to write a little about what our plan for this game was. When we first designed this game we wanted to have a progressing story based on the missions and the player will need to fight it’s way though all the enemies and […]

Early alpha prototype

Last Mission-Alpa Version   Hey guys, I wanted to add this games early pre-alpha build video to let you guys see how far we have moved from where we were to where we are now. Some stuff like enemy ships and rock shape have not changed much but a lot of different things did change […]

Player ship design

Front part of the ship with every new upgrade Ship Design Hi everyone, Today I want to share the player ship design we currently have. As some might have guessed, the ship on the front page is the player ship in its basic form. When we first designed the ship we had the idea of […]

First post

The Last Mission Hey guys,   My name is Lei Fu, I’m the guy who designed and is still designing this game. Our team are working on this game 24/7. Since this is my first blog so I just want to let everyone know how long we have worked on this game. We started designing […]